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At Rehab Gain Clinic, we welcome you with 2 Certified Compression Gear Specialist to assist you with trying and choosing the perfect fit.

The followings are some of the common conditions with specific products as treatments:

  • Compression Gear Prescribed for Back & Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder, Arm & Wrist Pain

  • Bracing & Compression Garment for Groin, Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain

  • Custom Foot Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain & Metatarsalgia

  • Orthopedic shoes for Reducing Foot & Heel pain, Flat Feet & Fallen Arches, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions & Arthritis.


Our hand-picked, wide-range of Physio-Health Care Products, aid in therapy of mild to severe shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, back, groin, knee, ankle & foot pain & injuries. When you are looking for the perfect support, braces, orthotics & orthopedic shoes offer you the specific comforting answers.

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Compression Gear
Neck Brace
Wrist Brace
Braces & Supports
Orthopedic Shoes
Custom Made Orthotics.jpg
Custom Made Orthotics

Our LEGS and FEET are usually referred to as our second heart due their responsible nature of pumping the blood back to our heart.

They need extra care to last long enough! Therefore we insert half of our emphasis on the importance of wearing comfortable orthopedic shoes. We also care about the design. So we went out there in the market and handpicked a perfect selection of a comfortable line & comfortable orthopedic shoes. 

Custom Foot Orthotics

We aim to maintain your health

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Step 3

When you are experincing any pain or concerns about your physical health, we kindly ask you to book an appointment with us in regards to your condition.

At your visit, the details will be discussed between you and our practitioner. Treatments will also be provided.

  • If a Physio Care Products was adviced then we will provide that for you as soon as we can, once you choose it. (Insurance coverage is applicable)

  • If your treatment required follow up sessions, we will arrange those for you.

We are hoping to relief your condition & decrease any pain when you are at work, home & outside.

  • We will follow up with you to see how you are doing. We'll ask how you'd like to be contacted, via Call/Text or email. There is also a 24/7 chat on our website right after you make an account with us, click over here!

  • If a product is provided we will follow up to see if it's doing the right job. If you aren't satisfied we will return or exchange that for you.

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