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Physiotherapy Session
Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Physiotherapy uses physical methods such as, exercise, manipulation & massage to treat physical injuries & diseases.


Physiotherapist & Physiotherapist Assistants at Rehab Gain Clinic in North York are highly trained professionals, coming from 25 years of experience, who provide treatment for patients suffering from physical conditions that are caused by an injury, illness, disease or just aging in some cases.


Our #1 goal is to get you back to your daily routine by using a variety of treatment in order to reduce your physical pain & improve your functionality. In cases of long term injury, Rehab Gain Physiotherapists assist to lessen the effects of any dysfunction. 


When Visiting Rehab Gain, What Types of Physiotherapy Will I Receive?

Physiotherapy is the perfect reliever to aid you shorten recovery period after injuries & surgeries. 


Orthopaedic Physiotherapy   |   Treat conditions such as arthritis, sprains, back pain, strains, incontinence, bursitis, posture problems, sport & workplace related injuries.


Neurological Physiotherapy   |   Treat conditions such as disorders of the nervous system including strokes, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis & Parkinson's disease.


Cardiothoracic Physiotherapy   |   Is the type physiotherapy that treats chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other cardio-respiratory disorders.


Once you visit us for a physiotherapy appointment at our North York clinic, our Physiotherapist or Physiotherapy Assistant evaluates the root of your pain and tailors a treatment specifically aimed at bettering your condition by choosing from a variety of therapies such as:


Manual Therapy that deals with joint manipulation and mobilization, which can include spinal mobilization, stretching & manual resistance training. 


Electrotherapy techniques that deals with laser therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), diathermy, and ultrasound.


And exercise programmes for when you are at home such as posture re-training, muscle strengthening, cardiovascular stretching.




Commonly and frankly speaking, this is why we dig deep to find the root of the pain, since a of factors can be the primary discomforting source. 

We aim to treat those primary pain points.

These could be caused from adapting a wrong technique when going to the gym or performing arts & other sports, bad posture, being overweight, repetitive work related activities or sitting down for long amount of times.


Physiotherapy takes a holistic approach to treat all the pains that causes your physical body to dysfunction and assist in a way that the chance of injury decreases for any upcoming incidents.


Please book an appointment for an evaluation or any other concerns you have below.

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