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Osteopathy is the manipulation of joints to treat various systems of the body. It treats and strengthen musculoskeletal pain conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Osteopathic Treatments?

  • Reduction of pain & stiffness in muscles & joints

  • Increase range of motions in joints

  • Treatment of spinal problems resulting in poor posture or spinal disc injuries, muscular shortening, pelvic imbalance & limited range of motion.

What Is the Process at First Appointment?

  1. At your first consultation visit with our Osteopathic Practitioner a Personalized Assessment will be done. It will involve history taking & major complaints, pain & symptoms. The next step is observation & a thorough physical examination

  2. Results from the Examination are then discussed & is followed with a Treatment Plan. Treatments are provided in the same session, and techniques are performed mostly in sitting or lying positions. 

  3.  A Prevention Plan is the final step, explaining some of the home exercises during recovery period & how to prevent the injury from happening again are then discussed. Reassessment at subsequent visits and a treatment plan will be advised precisely fitted to meet our patient's individual needs.

What Techniques Are Going to be Used During My Treatment?

  • Osteoarticular corrections   |   Gentle realignment of the bones, normalization of myofascial tension, muscle energy, relaxation through muscle contraction, strain & counterstrain, method of relaxing & repositioning joints & treatment modalities such as hot pack, cold pack, TENS & laser.

  • Myofascial, Connective Tissue & Neuromuscular Therapies   |   Returns muscles and connective tissues to their original places, therefore removing strain from joints & organs

  • Cranial Osteopathy   |   Applies to the underlying recurring cycle & motion of the dural layer & fluid which surround & invest the spinal cord & brain which influence cellular transition throughout the entire body

  • Visceral Mobilization   |   De-stresses the tension acting on internal organs or their suspensory ligaments, which energizes the organ to function more effectively by improving blood flow & mobility.

  • Muscle Energy Technique   |   Helps Relaxing the nervous system and tensed muscles, which increasingly improve the circulation system & balances muscles activity.

All services above are provided by our Registered Osteopath. Most of Osteopathy services are covered by most insurance companies.

Please, call us at 647-847-7711, to ask about your insurance coverage or book an appointment at our new clinic platform where booking & canceling are at the ease of your hand, please click the button below, we would love to hear from you. 


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Sports Injury
Physical Therapist
Leg Injury

Amir Ghafari

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

DO (Spain), DOMP

BSc - Physiotherapy from Iran University of Medical Sciences

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Patient Google Reviews:

Sohrab Soleimani:

Excellent service + very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Reasonable rates. Highly Recommended !! I was treated by Dr Amir Ghafari back in 2014, for a chronic pain caused by ignoring my sprained ankle. Within just a few sessions, he was able to relieve me from the pain and strengthen my ankle to get back to my normal life! He is patient, considerate and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone seeking professional treatment.

Poopak Haghi: 

Very professional , extremely knowledgable , caring and personable doctor .
I suffered several times from sport injury and my first and last clinic is definitely Rehab Gain with advanced technology laser therapy and ultrasound therapy as well.
Thank you so much for your dedicated effort to make sure your patients are completely healed.

Michelle Smyth​:

The weekend hours are so helpful, and they saw me right away. Received treatments to a both my shoulder injury and tennis elbow. Feeling much better! Friendly and professional staff.

Oleg T:

Have been using Rehab Gain many times over the years, Amir helped me with several problems and injuries (frozen shoulder, neck and back injuries). Amir always came through for me with things others could not help me with, minimal number of appointments and a very reasonable rate. I referred several people to Amir including my parents, he helped everyone. Great service overall, highly recommend, thank you Amir!

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